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MeciThere is a Fair manifestation “Man and the Nature” taking place in Novi Sad,consecreating to the hunting. All exposed in the new Master Hall speaks for itself! In the middle of the huge hall is the improvised display of the nature with some water,prepared animals and the huts and cottages from the serbian and vojvodina`s woods.

TrofejThis idilic scenery is enclosed,like besieged,with the exhibitors of the hunting equipage and the armament. Such arsenal of arms and the minition one can see only in the army!Next to it are exposed the trophies from the beheaded animals. Really,such a great concern of the human for its nature and animals!

DabarActually,the only bright point of the fair is a small, 5-months old beaver – the second generation of the beavers brought to us from Germany,and who was placed in an almost unpercievable place.Probably in order for the hunters not to pick on them. Little beaver was so sweet and irresistable,dozing there as he was obviously very sleepy.

All the beavers-newcommers to our country are placed in the sanctuary of Zesavica,in the abandoned river beds of the Sava and Drina in Srem(Vojvodina).They were brought to Serbia as our beavers were extincted by the hunters in the beginning of the 20th senctury,with the exucuse of being a michief-doers!

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