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Lipicaneri Jun2007 06c

Following the visit of the Serbian minister of Agriculture Slobodan Milosavljevic to the "Bukinac" stud farm an official report by veterinary inspection was issued.

Veterinarians from the JVS Veterinary Center «Novi Sad» completed a clinical examination of about 70 horses in just two days and established; "that a total of 70 horses in good health and condition are stabled there ... no pathological changes were noted just a healed wound on one horse which was not accepted by the group and had to be kept separately because of biting. The Veterinary inspection of the South Backa district will supervise the stud farm in question and check the implementation of the prescribed recommendations." This inspection report, issued in spite of the evidence proving the state of the horses in June 2007 and photographs immediately prior to the minister's visit, is completely unacceptable.

Vier PfotenThe society Vier Pfoten from Austria (www.vierpfoten.org) which has branches in Great Britain, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Rumania and Bulgaria visited Serbia on 20.08.2007 and remained there three days. Two of their veterinarians together with the veterinarian from the Society for the Freedom of Animals visited the stud farm "Bukinac" at Novo Naselje and established the following: Inspection at the site confirmed that the horses from Lipice are still hungry, that they are in a very neglected condition and lack veterinary supervision and medical treatment.

Their ribs can be counted from a considerable distance, the pelvic bones are clearly visible, some of them can scarcely walk and if they lie down are unable to stand up or do so with great difficulty. Scattered in front of them for food was just some old straw - which normally serves as bedding ... Horses can not get adequate nourishment or energy from such food which in fact they are not inclined to eat. The food donated by Serbian politicians, some firms and individuals is not put before these horses as observed by visiting at different times of the day over several days. Large bales of hay were seen in the part stud farm yard where Bukinac's stables his own horses. This means that food intended for the Lipice horses is being consumed by the owner's own horses, stabled separately.

The German news agency DPA ( www.dpa.de) also visited the Bukinac stud farm on 16.08.' 07 and were witness to the same situation which was the subject matter of a detailed article . This is one of the largest German agencies which distributes its reports in German, English, Spanish and Arab languages.
Activists of the Society Freedom for Animals also visited on 19. 08. ' 07, when the identical situation was again confirmed - the Lipice horses had nothing but straw for food. Septic wounds on horses were also noted.    Picture galery from this visit on our website >>
Apart from the society "Friends of Animals" in Zagreb   ( www.prijatelji-zivotinja.hr) the society "The Voice of Animals"  in  Karlovac ( www.glas-zivotinja.hr) participated in this action to help the horses. This society sent a request to all their competent  institutions and media seeking the forming of an independent team of veterinarians from Slovenia, Croatia, Austria and Serbia who together with the societies will care for the medical needs of these neglected animals, secure suitable food and care until the question of their return is solved by the Croation and Serbian government. With this aim in mind the societies Freedom for Animals and A Voice for Animals extended this entire campagne to Austria and Germany, and engaged the well-known advocate of animal rights.

Horses from the stud in Lipice are branded and have a number on their left haunch. The fact is that among the horses at the Novo Naselje stud there are some with the number 345 and this brand  which clearly indicates the number from the original stud. The oldest stallion there is 22 and none of the horses is over thirty. The official veterinary report claims 70 horses were examined  while according to our information there are 94 horses altogether at the stud. This points to the fact that 24 were removed for the minister's visit. Likewise there is no account of the number of Lipice at the stud Novo Milosevo near Kikinda. The veterinary inspection did not establish the number of horses which are of certain Lipice genetic origin – id. survivals from the original stud. Again no report was given of the number of deaths in the intervening years. The Society for the Freedom of Animals has information provided by Komasovic – that in the period from 2001 – 2007, 3 horses over 20 years; 6 horses between 16 and 20; 12 horses between 11 and 15; 20 horses between 3 and 10, 11 horses between 1 and 3, and 30 unweened foals. A total of  82 deaths.

Veterinary Inspection is by law obliged to provide assistence and care and in the case of failure to do so is subject to criminal law. Likewise Veterinarska Inspekcija did not establish the number of horses offered for sale and sold on the black market, in spite of the fact that there is clear evidence of such dealings and that in the report of the Comission for the Succession of Serbia it is clearly evident that they are the property of the Pakrac town council. For these reasons we request the exclusion, of Veterinary Inspection which up to now has been responsible for the well-being of animals at the stud farm Bukinac, from any further contact with them.

Photographs of the horses at the beginning of last year, where a dying horse is clearly evident, are included.   From all the material evidence collected by the Society Freedom for Animals it is clear that criminal offences and illtreatment of animals exists.
The Society Freedom for Animals is not supported by donations from outside Serbia or from Serbia itself. This entire action like all others up to now are motivated by the desire to help endangered animals. The society has always been financed exclusively by the active members of the Society.