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Give Animal Donation! The entire income goes as support for our actions and campaigns for protecting animals or for publishing new DVDs or printing books, magazines, posters and brochures.

With these donations, you contribute to the protection of animals, and advocate for the Achievement of their right to live in accordance with their own nature and species, as beings who feel joy, pain and suffering and have a soul. Thanks!

Instructions for Donations:

*Association for protection and animal rights, Sloboda za životinje,
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Dajte Donaciju za životinje! Ceo prihod ide kao podrška za akcije i kampanje za zaštitu životinja ili za izdavanje novih DVD-ja ili štampanje knjiga, časopisa, postera i brošura.

Ovim donacijama vi doprinosite zaštiti životinja, i zalažete se za ostvarivanje njihovih prava na život u skladu sa svojom prirodom i vrstom, kao bića koja osećaju radost, bol i patnju i koja imaju dušu.  Hvala!


Instrukcija za domaće donacije:

*Udruženje za zaštitu i prava životinja, Sloboda za životinje,
Vojvode Šupljikca 6, 11000 Beograd,
br. računa: 355 - 1050086 - 42


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The last Serbian "dancing bears" have been rescued!... In the end three fortunate bears - Cassandra, Seida and Bozhana, the first two from the Pozarevac area and the third from Krusevac - were transferred on January 27th to their temporary refuge at the bear park, Belitsa in Bulgaria. In spite of many  problems, which the entire operation encountered on the way, the original team was augmented by numerous additions called in to solve administrative and other difficulties. Thanks to this wonderful response the rescue of these three bears, who ha...
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Serbia Cancels Inspection by Croatian and Serbian Veterinary and Genetic experts... The society "Freedom for Animals" received information that the combined team from the ministries was scheduled to visit the stud farm on 10.and 11.9.2007. However this inspection is not being carried out. According to our most recent information the work of this commission was cancelled by the Serbian Ministry of Agriculture. The suffering, from hunger and neglect, of these Lipice horses is now to be prolonged to death because politicians have no interest in dealing with the humane aspect of ...
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We request the formation of an independent International veterinary team... Following the visit of the Serbian minister of Agriculture Slobodan Milosavljevic to the "Bukinac" stud farm an official report by veterinary inspection was issued.Veterinarians from the JVS Veterinary Center «Novi Sad» completed a clinical examination of about 70 horses in just two days and established; "that a total of 70 horses in good health and condition are stabled there ... no pathological changes were noted just a healed wound on one horse which was not accepted by the group and had to b...
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We request the urgent relocation of the endangered bears to Bulgaria and signing the contract for the establishment a Refuge Bear Center in Serbia... To the Minister for the Protection of the Environment Oliver Dulic and the assistant Minister Radislav MomirovTo the Minister for Agriculture, Forestry and Water Resources, Dr. Sasa Dragin  We request that both ministries take urgent measures for the relocation of  ill-treated bears, incarcerated  in Paracin and Pozarevac, to a refuge center for the bears of southeast Europe.  We also request the signing of the very favorable contract  proposed by the Society for the Pro...
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Impressions from the Vegetarian Picnic in Ljubljana... On the 3rd of September,2005, Society “Osvoboditev zivali in njihove pravice”from Slovenia organized huge vegetarian picnic in Ljubljana,with the motto:”We build together friendly Slovenia for the animals!” Back to Newsletter start >> On the 3rd of September,2005, Society “Osvoboditev zivali in njihove pravice”from Slovenia organized huge vegetarian picnic in Ljubljana,with the motto:”We build together friendly Slovenia for the animals!”This all-day manifestation gathered around 3000 vi...

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The last Serbian "dancing bears" have been rescued!

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