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From the 3rd to the 10th of October,regarding world`s day for the animal protection,association “Freedom for the animals” is organizing an informative stand on the Nikola Pasic Square in Belgrade,with the motto:

”Frushka Gora-National Park free of hunting!”

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How does this sound to you?As a decision of our Public Assembly or a science-fiction? Regardless your answer, one`s sure- our activists are working hard on collecting of the signatures from the citizens for turning the hunting grounds into the national parks baned for hunting! In order for the Assembly to discuss this matter- whether it is in our national interest..,we must collect 15000 votes from the people. During this action we will also address in written forms all our competent authorities, media and national parks. Let`s give back to the animals their living space! In short, we suggest Frushka Gora to become our first GRAND PARADIZO (national park in Italy)- where hunting`s been abolished for more than 80 years! Let us remind you- the veterinarians from The Paradizo Park say that since the founding of the park, up till now, there were not species excessively increased in the number, nor there were ever any need for the hunters to intervene. They`ve confirmed that there were never any damagies of the woods or vegetation, and that animals prove to possess their own regulative systems which keep healthy natural balance between species and the populationes - when humans do not interfere! Those 2 parks have something in common - both encircle the teritory of about 27000 ha. The difference is that our Frushka Gora, because of its acid rains, poachers, protected trees chopped down and locust - tree problems is far away from Paradizo Park or any heaven - like place on the earth!

Click to enlargeSo in actions of this kind we mostly count on our citizens. On this occasion we are inviting all who want to give us their support to come to our stand and vote or take the forms for voting and help us by collecting signatures from their family and friends who support our action. It will be active participating in the protection of all animals and nature, during the week of the animal protection! All who bring us at least one filled form will get a poster of Sara and Marko - 2 fawns from Frushka Gora. Those who bring us the most signatures will get a booklet printed for this action-“What the great minds said about the hunting and meat eating?” Those who don`t know yet who Sara and Marko are can find it out here!

Click to enlargeThey are already four and half months old and Marko`s antlers start slowly to show. Their “baby” summer fur has gone for the thicker one, for cold winter days. They are healthy, extremly inquisitive, happy and very, very agile! Everyone watching their playful, early morning and evening toying with each other, feels unlimited amount of pleasure and content. While watching them we can just keep guessing how many miles daily those would be able to run-pass in their friendly games, if free and in their natural habitat! Because all the time surrounded with the people who love them and having only good expiriences with them, they show total lack of fear for the humans. They curiously sniff guests who come to see them and peek in their bags.

Snezana Milovanovic

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