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WHO estimated that the world is in the risk of pandemia of bird flue and advises countries to prepare for fighting against it.Till now there`s110 people infected by this virus in the South-East of Asia.Death rate in infected people is higher than 60%.More than 150 milion birds till now died or were killed.

Pticji grip Because of the migratory species of the birds who come to our country every year, as we are their important migratory corridor, we are also endangered by this virus. In the first tree stages of the epidemia virus can`t be transfered to the human body but only to the birds, therefore birds are specially endangered in the `````. At the end of the third phase of epidemia virus may infect people who were in the contact with the infected birds. In the fourth phase when we can register small groups of the infected people, virus tends to mutate which can enable it to transfer from human to human. Fifth and sixth stage would present the pandemia – a wide spreading of the virus which could kill, as WHO estimates, from 20 to 50 milion of people.

About 10 days virus is eliminated from the body of the infected animal through its excrement and droppings. Than when it dries out and turns into the dust form, it easily gets to the human`s respiratory organs. One of the proposed protection is a special mask with the nano-filters. Virus is also easily distroyed on the temperature of 800C but is resistant to the freezing temperatures up till –2700C. Something that noone ever said in the public media by now, is that one research of the american Ministry of Agriculture (USDA) showed that the industrial processed meat contains large amounts of the bacteria E coli almost in 98%,which shows that they aren`t excrement-free!That`s also one of the ways how virus can be easily transferred to the people.

Our advice: Become vegetarians!

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