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Festival ZLATNI PETAO During the summer in the Genex Impulse Hall –annex of the hotel Inter-Continental,in New Belgrade was held a Festival of the marketing achievements 2005 –ZLATNI PETAO, where were given rewards for the most succesful projects in advertising. Around 300 projects participated in the competition divided in 105 categories which presented our advertising production and materials from the 1st of January,2003 till the 31st of December ,2004.

Our poster made for the campaign “First Degree Murder.Don`t be Participant!Don`t eat Animals!”, for which idea-solution was given by the firm LEO BURNET, was also exhibited there and won the third prize-Bronzani Petao, in the category of Media Advertising-Series of adverisments in the magazines.

One more time we use the occasion to thank to the creative group of the Leo Burnet for the successful co-operation and the support to our campaign.