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It`s September and noticing new packs of stray dogs appearing in the Liman blocks of buildings became as natural as falling leaves in the autumn.

There is a Fair manifestation “Man and the Nature” taking place in Novi Sad,consecreating to the hunting. All exposed in the new Master Hall speaks for itself!

WHO estimated that the world is in the risk of pandemia of bird flue and advises countries to prepare for fighting against it. Till now there`s110 people infected by this virus in the South-East of Asia. Death rate in infected people is higher than 60%. More than 150 milion birds till now died or were killed.

During the summer in the Genex Impulse Hall –annex of the hotel Inter-Continental,in New Belgrade was held a Festival of the marketing achievements 2005 –ZLATNI PETAO,where were given rewards for the most succesful projects in advertising

On the 3rd of September,2005, Society “Osvoboditev zivali in njihove pravice”from Slovenia organized huge vegetarian picnic in Ljubljana,with the motto:”We build together friendly Slovenia for the animals!”